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Stories – Personal (1)
Choose this package when you write a ~ your ~ personal story.

Stories – Companies (2)
Choose this package when you write about your company.

(1) Costs: Free

(2) Costs: You pay what you want


Berättelsens titel ~ Story title
Write here your story title.

Kort rubrik ~ Short headline
Write here a short headline ~ slogan about your story.

Berättelse Kategori ~ Story category
Choose here your story category.

Berättelse Kategori nämns inte i listan? ~ Story Category not in the list? (* A)
When you category isn’t mentioned in our list, choose the option “Swedish Roads” and write your category in this field. We will add the category to your listing.

 When you have more than one category?
The 1st category in your chosen list – the corresponding icon – will be displayed in the map and your preview-card. Select that category first, fill the other fields, preview or save your listing, then add your other categories and preview or save

Your story

Din berättelse ~ Your story (1)
Write here your story 🙂

You have the possibility to write your story in multiple languages; Swedish, English, Dutch and German.
The Swedish language is the standard  and required language, the other three languages are optional.

(1) In these text-boxes: use < shift > + < enter > for one line space and < enter > for two or more.

Info Plus

Ytterligare Info ~ Additional Info (1)
When there is extra info to your story, you can write it here.

(1) In these text-boxes: use < shift > + < enter > for one line space and < enter > for two or more.

Author~Writer info

Din namn ~ Your name (1)
Write here name.

Företag namn ~ Company Name (2)
Write here company name.

E-post ~ E-mail
Write here your e-mail.

Din Hemsida ~ Your website
Write here the link to your (company) website.

(1) When you write a company story, you won’t see this field.

(2)  When you write a personal story, you won’t see this field.

Photography & Video

Film länk ~ Video link
Write here the link from Youtube or Vimeo to your film.

Galerie Bilder ~ Gallery Photos (1)
Add here your photos to your listing. You can upload till 7 photos and minimal 1 photo is required. You can re-order your photos at any point and your 1st photo will be used in the preview card.

Bild tillskrivning ~ Photo attribution
Here you add the photo attribution. You can choose from three options:
~ Our photos;
~ Our photos and by a photographer;
~ Photos by a photographer.

When you choose “Our photos” or “Our photos and by a photographer”, your (company)~ name will automatically added in your listing.

Nam fotograf ~ Name Photographer
When a photographer took (also) your photos, write here the name of your photographer.

(1) To ensure a good user-experience, we recommend photos that are minimal 1000px width. 

Social Media

Here you can add your social media pages.

Click on the button “add” and use the “Select Network” button to choose your social media network. In the “Enter URL” field, you fill ~ paste the link to your social media network.

Location Info

Berättelsens område län ~ Story region
Select here you story-region & when no region is applicable, choose Sverige.

Bara staden ~ Only City (1)
Write here only your city.

Fullständiga adress ~ Full address (2 & *)
Write here the full address, e.g. “Djurgårdsvägen 68, 115 21 Stockholm” and check your location on the map in the preview.

(1) Fill these fields only, when your story is about a certain location or city. When you fill one of these fields, fill them then both.

(*) If your location isn’t displayed correctly, write “Swedish Roads” in this field and write your full company address in the field “Additional Remarks” (at the bottom of the page) and we will adjust it.

Remarks & Questions

Ytterligare kommentarer och Frågor ~ Additional Remarks & Questions (* B)
When you have questions or remarks leave them in this field.

(* B) You can use this field only when you add a new listings; read here the ‘Extra Info’.

Extra Info

Optional Fields
Not all the fields, in the “add a listing’ form, are required. The optional fields are indicated, after the title field, with the text ‘optional‘. As example, the social media field is optional:  “Sociala media ~ Social Media (optional)”

Extra options in the predefined lists (* A)
When you want to have more options available in the existing predefined lists, like in ‘category’, ‘services’ etc. you have the possibility to write them in the assigned fields. We will add them to the existing list(s) and once your listing is approved an added to Swedish Roads, you can add them yourselves to your listing.

Ytterligare kommentarer och Frågor ~ Additional Remarks & Questions (* B)
In this field you can ask a question or leave your remark.

(* A & B) Once your listing is approved and added to Swedish Roads, we won’t check these fields anymore, we checking these fields only with new listings. So, when you want to have more options available in the future to predefined lists or you have any questions ~ remarks, then please use our contact form.